December 22, 2013

PC Repair:  Been getting lots of blue screens lately?  Puter simply won’t boot anymore?  Broke your laptop monitor?  Maybe you hear your hard drive making some wonky noises.  Maybe you aren’t even sure WHAT is going on.  No problem.  Clicky clicky.

Custom PC Design and Building:  Need a custom machine built that suits your needs?  Epic gaming rig to bang for the buck budget build, I’ve got you covered.  C’mon…you know you wanna

User Experience Refreshment:  Even when nothing is technically WRONG with your beloved puter, maybe it just doesn’t feel as fast as it once did.  This can be due to a number of factors from “maybe it’s time to let ‘er go” to imminent hardware failure.  Let me check it out for you!

IT Security Consulting:  I can’t say how many times I’ve seen networks and situations that make me laugh.  Using archaic encryption on their wireless (or NONE AT ALL!) access points…having LIVE ETHERNET PORTS just hanging out in the open BEGGING for someone to plug into.  You want to roll the dice with your network?  Have you ever had a professional look at your network from an IT Security standpoint?  Be it for your home OR small business, you really should in this day in age.

Home and Small Business Networking:  Decided it’s time to move up to broadband Internet, but you have no CLUE how to set everything up?  Maybe you want to add wireless to your home or small business.  I’ve got you covered!

Android Customization and Education:  With today’s modern smartphones and tablets, the only limit is your imagination.  They are SO powerful, useful and have so many customization options.  Are you getting the most out of your device?  Need help getting a new ROM on your phone?  Maybe you’re just new to the whole world of Android and would like a good ground level run-through on how things work and what can be done.  Well…being a definite Android addict, I should be your go-to guy.


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