About Me, The Stupid Puter Founder

December 22, 2013

Now for a bit of the formal “about me” stuff:

Experience – Over a decade and a half fixing, building and/or helping with friend’s, family’s and coworker’s computers, phones, tablets, printers and more. Not to mention making some REALLY awesome stuff for myself.

On the software side of things, I’ve created complex virtualized networks for fun, I’ve done some ethical hacking and penetration testing and I have been known to do some Python and Javascript programming.  On the hardware side, I’ve done custom desktop builds, repaired countless laptops, tablets and cellphones and I worked for a very large electronics company building, troubleshooting and repairing desktops and servers.  I joined the Marine Corps in Jan of 2009 where I did computer networking for 5 years. This led to a ton of hands on networking and IT security experience and I learned a LOT about what can be done with computers and how to do it.  Now I work as a network security analyst.

Why do I do this?  Well, to put it simply, I love it!  Building things, creating things, making things work, fixing things…I love it!  I did it for free for a loooooong time.  Shortly after getting to my first unit in the Corps, I did some work for someone.  They got some nasty malware on their laptop so I fixed it for them.  Well, word spread like WILD FIRE! Next thing I know, I’m walking into my apartment after work with 2-4 computers a day!  This rapidly started taking up so much of my personal time that I decided it was time to stop doing it for free.  I decided to offer a fairly priced, customer service focused alternative to places like the Nerd Crew and the like. That worked very well and business flourished. This focus on helping people comes before all else.  

Fun facts about me:  I also have a degree in culinary arts, I’ve played guitar and bass since I was roughly 13 and I LOVE cars.  Yup.  That’s right. I can re-image your hard drive, hook up your printer and stereo, get a virtual machine up and running for all of your Linux needs, then replace your car’s alternator, make your dinner and play you a song while you eat.  about me about me about me about me