Stupid Puter

December 22, 2013

Hey…we’ve all said it before. It happens. You get that blue screen…notice some funky noises coming from your hard drive…puter’s taking forever to complete simple tasks…stupid puter…

I’ve been building and/or working on tech as well as fixing misbehaving tech for over 15 years. I remember having my grandfather ask me to set up his new computer and printer when I was visiting him in Jacksonville, Florida when I was 9. Of course I gave an enthusiastic “SURE I can!” when he asked if I could set up his new system despite the only real experience in doing so was setting up my parents’ new Gateway desktop (it even had a CD DRIVE!). But I did it. Got everything up and running in no time surprising myself possibly as much as I surprised him.

That was the start, I suppose. Since then I’ve done all kinds of stuff and I’m always learning.

Feel free to browse the site, view the services I offer and get in touch with me through the Contact me page.  If you’d rather just blow off some steam without ACTUALLY destroying your computer, have fun with this little game.

Don’t fear the BSOD!!
Stupid Puter -